IGBC Information and Education Grants

The IGBC has awarded $36,000 each year since 2007 to the five grizzly bear recovery ecosystems to fund Information and Education (I&E) projects that promote grizzly bear habitat and recovery. View descriptions of the six grizzly bear ecosystems by following links on the left side of the home page.

FAQs about annual IGBC Information and Education Grants

Who is eligible to apply?

Organizations and government agencies within the five grizzly bear ecosystems may apply, however it is highly recommended that these entities begin the application process by contacting the state and federal agency information, education and public relations staff before proceeding.

How are grants reviewed and selections made?

Grant applications will be reviewed first by the IGBC I&E Subcommittee Chair for the ecosystem, and will need to have local support. After the first tier of review, the I&E Subcommittee Chairs will forward their selections to the IGBC Executive Coordinator for a final review by the IGBC selection committee.

What are the grant criteria?

  • Projects need to be information and education specific. For instance, funding a person to present bear-related camper education is acceptable, funding a campground sanitation crew who offers some bear education as a sideline or distributes materials as they clean a campground is not.
  • We encourage project requests that are useable in multiple ecosystems. These could be products/projects designed to be general enough for use in all recovery areas.
  • We encourage projects that include partners or leverage grant dollars with in-kind or matches from partners.
  • Limited funding is available and larger requests that consume all or most of the funding may not be appropriate.
  • We support projects that benefit multiple agencies and organizations. Projects that benefit only one agency or support a single agency’s business-as-usual would not be appropriate (e.g., a Glacier National Park specific brochure about Park bears or about NPS bear interaction regulations).

What is the grant cycle?

IGBC Information and Education Annual Grant Cycle

Mid- September:
IGBC Information and Education Grants period opens
November 16:
IGBC Information and Education Grants deadline. Send grants to Grizzly Bear Ecosystem I&E Subcommittee Chair.
Late November:
Ecosystem I&E Subcommittees meet to evaluate, select and prioritize grant applications. I&E Subcommittees forward their recommendations to the Grant Selection Committee.
Early December:
Grant Selection Committee meets and awards grants to recipients in all grizzly bear ecosystems.
First week of December:
Grant awards announced
Second week of December:
The I&E Subcommittee presents the grant selections at the winter meeting of the IGBC Executive Committee
What are the reporting requirements for these grants? 
Funding recipients will send a brief report to the IGBC Executive Coordinator by July 15 of the funding year. The report should describe how the funds are being used, with quantitative data whenever appropriate. Unused funds will be reclaimed by IGBC and distributed to other I&E projects as needed.

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Grants Awarded in Previous Years

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