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IGBC Bear Spray Brochure-Print Your Own

The 2013 “What You Should Know about Bear Spray” brochure has been developed by the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) for the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). The information offered in this brochure follows the IGBC’s Bear Spray Guidelines and is supported by the IGBC Bear Spray Report (June 2008).

If you, your company or your agency would like to duplicate copies of this brochure, please see the “Instructions for Printing or Copying the IGBC Bear Spray Brochure.” Choosing one of the two duplication methods, printing or copying, depends on the number of brochures needed, your budget and the need for quality. Check pricing of copies vs. printing in your area.

The templates can be obtained by clicking on one of the following links. Note that the templates are designed for 14″ x 8.5″ legal size paper, folded with a double parallel fold:

For copying from a personal computer:

For sending to an offset color printer:

Note: if your printing service prefers other formats, please contact the IGBC via the email address at the bottom of this page.

“Staying Safe Around Bears” Coloring & Activity Booklet–Print Your Own

Coloring Book Front
Coloring Book Front

In 2015, the IGBC sponsored the development of “Staying Safe Around Bears,” a coloring and activity book that encourages children to behave safely around grizzly bears and black bears. Please click one of the links below to review a copy of the 16-page booklet.

Print copies from home or download to your computer!

Please note that 11 1/2″ X 14″ paper is required and you’ll need to fold and staple the booklet.

To print professional copies
If you would like to have a larger run of copies printed professionally, download the PDF/template below and to send it to the professional printer of your choice. Please note that the front and back color cover on this template “bleeds” to the edge for a more refined appearance (so there are no white edges after printing).

Note: if your printing service prefers a format other than PDF, please contact the IGBC via our contact form.


Bear Spray Demonstration by Craig Boddington

30-second public service announcement for bear spray by Craig Boddington. If you’d like to broadcast the PSA on television, please contact the IGBC.

Bear Spray Demonstration for Hunters

1-minute bear spray training video featuring hunter journalist Craig Boddington,  demonstrates how and why hunters should use bear spray while they’re afield in bear country.