Conservation Strategy for the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Grizzly Bear

Brief explanation of the Conservation Strategy process

The IGBC has endorsed the NCDE Conservation Strategy, which means as a body, the IGBC Executive Committee believes it is adequate. Endorsement does not mean approval. Approval of the Conservation Strategy will occur when all the agencies who have commitments represented in the strategy have signed the implementation MOU. By signing the CS, the agencies would be agreeing to use their respective authorities to maintain and enhance the recovered status of grizzly bears in the NCDE if and when delisting occurred.

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Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Subcommittee Meetings

Upcoming meetings

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Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Subcommittee Membership

Updated May 2019
  • Randy Arnold (chairMontana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, R2
  • Bill Avey (co-chair) Helena/Lewis and Clark Forest 
  • Jeff Mow Glacier National Park
  • Jim Williams R1 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park
  • Gary Bertellotti R4 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Stacy Courville Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
  • Dan Carney Blackfoot Tribe
  • Chip Weber Flathead National Forest
  • Carolyn Upton, Lolo National Forest
  • Bryan Donner Kootenai National Forest
  • John Waller Glacier National Park
  • Mark Albers BLM Great Falls
  • Jodi Bush USFWS
  • Holger Bohm British Columbia FLNR:EX
  • Claudia Regan United States Geological Survey
  • Paul Frame Alberta Government Wildlife

Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Ecosystem I&E Committee Membership

  • Dillon Tabish (Chair) Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks
  • Lynn M. Johnson U.S. Forest Service
  • Pat Shanley U.S. Forest Service

Advisors to the IGBC Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Subcommittee

  • Hilary Cooley USFWS Recovery Coordinator
  • Cecily Costello FWP Grizzly Bear Monitoring and Science
  • Scott Jackson USFS National Carnivore Program

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