What does IGBC approval of a bear-resistant product mean?

If a product appears on the list of IGBC-approved bear-resistant products, it means that the commercially-available product has met minimum standards related to the effort that must be expended by grizzly bears to access the container’s contents. These standards were established through consultation with North American human-bear conflict experts and bear biologists. Please note that IGBC approval does NOT guarantee that the product is BEAR-PROOF and does not guarantee that the container will never be breached by bears. The intent of this bear-resistant products testing program is to approve products that minimize easy and direct access to attractants by grizzly bears. IGBC approval also does not guarantee that small amounts of the contents of the containers won’t be able to leak or spill out. In conjunction with properly utilizing certified bear-resistant products, the IGBC strongly encourages people living or recreating in grizzly bear habitat to take personal responsibility for maintaining a high level of diligence in their sanitation and attractant storage to further minimize the chance of a human/bear conflict.

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