Bitterroot Subcommittee Meetings

Upcoming meetings

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Meeting Summaries

Bitterroot Subcommittee Membership

  • Chuck Mark (ChairSalmon/Challis National Forest
  • Julie King Bitterroot National Forest
  • Mary Farnsworth Idaho Panhandle National Forest
  • Tim Garcia Lolo National Forest
  • Ben Conard US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Keith Lannom Payette National Forest
  • Rebecca Nourse Sawtooth National Forest
  • Curt Mack Nez Perce Tribe
  • Jamie Jonkel Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Advisors to the IGBC Bitterroot Subcommittee

  • Hilary Cooley Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Scott Jackson National Carnivore Program Leader U.S. Forest Service

Bitterroot Ecosystem I&E Committee Membership

  • Amy Baumer (Chair) Salmon/Challis National Forest
  • Tod McKay Bitterroot National Forest
  • Fred Weisbecker Bitter Root Backcountry Horsemen, Montana Audubon
  • Deb Gale Bitterroot National Forest
  • Boyd Hartwig Lolo National Forest
  • Erica Strayer Bitterroot National Forest
  • Laura Smith Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest
  • Rebecca Mowry Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Dave Lockman Bitterroot National Forest

Policy, Management and Research Reports

Accomplishments and Program of Work

Bitterroot Ecosystem Description