Methods for Complying with Food Storage Regulations on Public Lands

IGBC-certified containers are one of the methods available to meet food storage regulations on National Forest Lands in grizzly bear habitat. Other methods for compliance are also available; for instance, electric fencing is authorized in some ecosystems and under certain conditions.

When you are in National Parks, check their regulations for food storage requirements and methods. Regardless of your location or destination, we recommend contacting local land management offices for more details on the use of electric fences or other products and methods to comply with food storage regulations because requirements may vary by location.

The IGBC has partnered with the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) and the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center (GWDC) to evaluate a variety of products to determine whether or not they meet IGBC minimum standards of bear-resistancy. Not all products marketed as bear-resistant work for securing items that bears could be attracted to.  Testing of products is conducted using a protocol which utilizes live bear testing (i.e. captive grizzly bears at the GWDC) for lighter weight products and a set of specifications determined through years of captive bear testing to evaluate heavier, metal products such as dumpsters and food storage lockers.

Products that passed the IGBC testing protocol and were approved as bear-resistant meet IGBC bear-resistant design and structural standards. However, this is not a guarantee that a grizzly bear cannot gain entry into these products. Nor does the IGBC guarantee that small amounts of the contents of the containers won’t be able to leak or spill out.

Many manufacturers advertise products claiming to be bear-resistant or bear-proof. They may even indicate that their products have been tested by the U.S. Forest Service or the IGBC. However, in some cases those products may not have actually passed the test or been approved by IGBC. Make sure the product you are purchasing is on the list of IGBC-certified products.