griz and cubs

The roles of the IEO subcommittee is to coordinate information, education and outreach among IGBC member agencies in support of grizzly bear recovery and conservation. Responsibilities of the subcommittee include:

  • Coordinate the development and dissemination of consistent messages about grizzly bear ecology and behavior; how to live, work, and recreate in grizzly habitat; how to safely secure bear attractants; how to use bear spray; how to avoid human-bear conflicts, etc.;
  • Coordinate and oversee the annual IGBC IEO Funding Program;
  • Maintain a website ( to provide the public with accurate and timely information about grizzly bear recovery and management, activities and upcoming meetings of the IGBC and ecosystem subcommittees, meeting notes, scientific publications and studies, and information and education on how to avoid or minimize human-bear conflicts;
  • Promote effective actions and techniques to increase human safety and decrease the likelihood of human-bear conflicts.

IEO Subcommittee Membership

  • IGBC Executive Coordinator
  • Each ecosystems’ subcommittee IEO Chair
  • Chair: selected by the other members of this subcommittee

If you can not view the membership list on this webpage, here is a PDF version dated 11/29/21.

Information, Education and Outreach Materials