The IGBC may offer courtesy inspection for non-commercial containers intended for personal use to meet food storage regulations on public lands. The courtesy inspection program applies only to metal containers.  Products submitted for inspection can be purchased from a retail outfit (such as a metal storage box found at a local feed or hardware store) or from a local welder, or they can be fabricated in a home shop.  Individuals can construct their own containers based on designs provided by the USFS or other sources.

modified military medical box
modified military medical box
Bear-Resistant Container Inspection Decal

If a product passes a courtesy inspection, an IGBC Courtesy Inspection Decal (pictured) with a unique number will be issued for that product.  The inspector will provide instructions for applying the decal to the certified product.

Courtesy inspections are another tool for weeding out products that will not prevent a bear from receiving food from a storage container.  It is not, however, a guarantee that the products are completely bear-proof.  Bear-resistant products should never be used as a substitute for prudent, bear aware behavior.

If you need to have a product inspected, please contact the US Forest Service National Carnivore Program Leader at (406) 329-3664 or by completing the form below.