A properly installed and maintained electric fence can keep grizzly and black bears from destroying your property as well as prevent individual bears from become “problem” bears,

It is important to recovering grizzly populations to prevent bears from becoming problems that need to be removed to protect people’s property.

For the sixth year, the Defenders of Wildlife are offering their Electric Fence Incentive Program to assist property owner in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming counties.

Defenders offer a 50% reimbursement for bear-resistant electric fencing, up to a maximum reimbursement of $500. They are also able to provide technical guidance for fence designs, materials recommendations, and hands on assistance when necessary.

The types of bear attractants that draw curious grizzlies and black bears include garbage, chicken coops, beehives, fruit trees. Properly installed bear-resistant electric fencing is a simple and effective way to deter them.

You can download their brochure and program application on the Defenders website The brochure lists the eligible counties and fenceable bear attractants, and provides an application form.

The Electric Fence Incentive Program has helped install over 210 electric fence projects completed on private lands over the past 6 years. The scope of our program covers anything considered to be a bear-attractant and suitable for containment by electric fencing. This includes backyard chickens, backcountry hunting camps, fruit trees, small livestock, garbage and more.

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