• Store and remove attractants, such as grain spills, food waste, and scented products.
  • Do not leave out pet food, or livestock feed and supplements.
  • There are many effective tools to reduce conflicts between humans and bears in agricultural settings, and they vary greatly from one operation to another.
Farming and Ranching in Bear Country
  • Many attractants can be secured in hard-sided buildings with four walls, a roof and locking door.
  • Dispose of carcasses and afterbirth through sanitation services, inside an electrified boneyard, or by distributing away from people, buildings, and livestock. Electric fences can be placed around fresh carcasses and bone piles until they can be permanently removed.
  • Install electric fences around non-removable attractants, such as birthing grounds, sheep-bedding areas, bee apiaries, compost piles, gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, or corn fields.
  • Vulnerable animals should be secured within an electric fence when unattended by people or at night. Vulnerable livestock include young, sick or injured livestock, and small livestock such as poultry, goats, sheep, or rabbits.