• Properly store garbage in a certified bear-resistant bin or in a secured building (four walls, roof, and door with latch) at all times, until the day of disposal.
  • Do not leave out pet food, bird feeders and bird seed, or livestock feed.
  • Keep grills and BBQs clean of food and grease. Store in a secured building when not in use.
Residents in Bear Country
  • Bears are attracted to fruit-bearing trees and bushes, gardens, and compost piles. Install electric fencing. Pick fruit immediately when ripe.
  • Secure vulnerable livestock (i.e. chickens, goats, sheep) with an electric fence.
  • Loud noise, such as banging pots and pans, using an air horn or your car alarm, or shouting, is a simple, effective short-term way to deter a bear on private property.
  • Seeing a bear is not necessarily a reportable encounter or an emergency. Report encounters where the bear displayed aggressive or defensive behavior toward people, livestock or pets, or damaged property.